Serving the homeless and destitute of Kwa-Zulu Natal since 2008

Truly I tell you, in so far as you have done it for one of the least of these My brethren, you have done it for Me. Matthew 25.40

Our Mission

We operate a shelter for Natal’s homeless and destitute and are a registered non-profit organisation. Our aim is to provide a non-judgemental welcoming atmosphere .We believe every human being is valuable and no one should be stigmatized because of their past or present situation. All of our residents are treated with compassion and respect.

We care and cater for needy adults, elderly, disabled, abused and homeless members of society. We would like to amend the public conception that these people are in this position purely because of their own life choices. These choices do play a role yes, however it is our experience that a great deal of our residents are victims of severe trauma, long term mental and or physical abuse. Consequently a vast majority of the residents are victims of debilitating depression and general mental health disorders. The severity of these disorders varies and renders many of them unable to function appropriately in society or within their family units. We are very often the last port of call for those who are unaccepted and abandoned by society.

We understand our residents need time to repair their deep emotional wounds. Our aim is to allow the individual’s time to heal thus enabling them to integrate back into society or into their families, healthier, with an improved hope and a higher self-esteem.

The socio-economic background of these people differs immensely; from generationally poor homes to educated yet socially injured people, we have and have had lawyers, architects, ex-policemen, ex- soldiers, missionaries and even a professor pass through our doors. General mental health ailments and poverty have no boundaries .As the saying goes, “There but for the grace of God go any of us.” We have had approximately 500 people pass through our doors in the past 8 years.

We are not a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, alcoholics or severe mental health issues. We test regularly for alcohol or drug ingestion. The errant persons are given 3 warnings and then asked to leave the premises. All residents sign a strict code of conduct; this includes no alcohol or drugs allowed on the premises.

Helping lift people out of the “Poverty Cycle”, is a process and very often a slow one ,certain residents leave then feel the need to return later and try again, we believe everyone is deserving of a second chance.

Our youngest resident is 6 months old and our eldest 86 years old. Our initial intention was not to have mothers with young children on the property; however this has become increasingly hard and as poverty increases we find it more and more difficult to turn them away.

All residents are required to rise at 7.00am.Each member has daily duties and responsibilities i.e. cooking cleaning, gardening maintenance and general work – laziness is not tolerated from anyone.

What do we provide? We provide shelter, food, clothing, bedding and access to doctors, clinics hospitals and social welfare departments.

We have regular devotions, bible study and church services led by ministers from churches on the South Coast. We also have regular visits from an Occupational therapist and hold work groups; this activity is much enjoyed by the ladies.

Our organisation is solely reliant on the kindness of donations from the body of the Church, local businesses and volunteers who donate of their time, skills and resources. We receive donations in the form of bank deposits, food, blankets, and toiletries. Food is a priority situation and the people receive 3 meals a day but these meals are extremely minimal, one hot meal is provided in the evening consisting of vegetables and meat when available. We have accommodated up to 100 residents at one time, therefore you will understand feeding the residents is the most challenging task and costly part of our operation.